Rappelling is Maui's coolest waterfall experience

Today's exclusive and award-winning "walk on the wild side" is Maui’s boldest and most genuine adventure. You'll go rappelling down waterfalls and jungle walls into the private rainforest canyon featured in Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park.

Glori on her way down

Round-Trip hotel transportation from the hotel to the rappel site, a privately-owned property located an hour down the famous Hana Highway is provided on this exclusive adventure.

You'll get to take in the sites of one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the world, and then take on one of the most exclusive and intimate rainforest and waterfall adventures on Maui, "The Valley Isle.

This approximately 8-hour experience combines hiking, swimming, and rappelling, all under the direction of well-trained canyoneering guides.

Using top-rated equipment, you'll take on a 60-foot jungle cliffside rappel--it's dry so that you can learn the technique and get some hands-on practice. Then it's usually on to the 30- and 50-foot waterfalls, descending into the canyon.

Rappel Maui

On high-water days with raging floods, we rappel down 100-foot, jungle walls to the edge of the roaring stream. Safe for the whole family from 10 years up - it's the perfect Hawaii experience.  Active, incredibly scenic and amazing!

What To Know...


This exclusive experience is approximately 6-hours in duration.


This experience can accommodate up to 50 guests per day in exclusive waves of 20 pax, 20 pax, and 10 pax


Round-Trip air-conditioned hotel transfers are included.  Groups travel in vans of 10 people each.

What to Bring     

Towel, waterproof camera, sunscreen, and change of clothes.

What to Wear

We suggest fast-drying clothes like nylon or polyester.  

Men: rappel in surf shorts/rash guard, etc.

Women: rappel in surf shorts, exercise or yoga clothes.

Shoes: We give you special traction, felt-soled water shoes that you can hike, rappel and swim in. Tennis shoes or sports sandals for the ¼ mile walk from the parking area to base shed are advisable.  

Rest Rooms

One stop is made along the Hana Highway.  There are also facilities at the trailhead.


Helmet, harness, special-traction water shoes, personal flotation device, backpack, dry keg, Ziploc bags (for additional protection in kegs).


Turkey: Tortilla wrapped around freshly-sliced Legend Carolina turkey breast, pesto cream cheese, fresh greens, carrots, and chopped tomato.

Vegetarian/Vegan Wrap: Tortilla wrapped around hummus, tapenade, chopped tomato, fresh lettuce, and carrots.

Gluten-free: Freshly-sliced Legend Carolina turkey breast wrapped around pesto cream cheese, fresh lettuce, chopped tomato, and carrots.

Granola bars and fresh Maui pineapple. Freshly-made chocolate chip cookie for dessert.


Children must be at least 10 years old.  There is no child rate.  Waist size must be at least 22 inches.

Weight Restrictions

Body weights must be between 70 - 250 lbs.

Waist Size

Everyone's waist size must be between 22 - 54 inches.

Changing and Rest Rooms

Changing rooms and restrooms available at the operations center.


Non-Rappeller-Hikers are welcome. They must be able to hike twice as far as rappellers: Approximately 1-1.5 miles with mild elevation changes. Non-rappeller-Hikers must also weigh between 70 - 250 lbs. There is no cost difference.

Inclusive of

Hawaii Meetings staff to dispatch departing guests from the hotel, lunch per the menus above, all rappel gear, instruction, guide gratuities, and state tax 


  • Hotel departure times from Wailea properties take place at 6:30 am, 8:30 am and 10:30 am.


  • $269.00 per person based on the exclusive participant configurations listed below.

Reserve your exclusive Waterfall Rappelling Experiences 

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  • Remember this activity can accommodate up to 50 people per day

Exclusive Waterfall Rappelling Experience
  Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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