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Last Updated: May 18, 2019

  1. This is a private content membership website Membership is not guaranteed. Applicants are notified of their access status within 5 - 15 minutes of applying. Access information is delivered via email.
  2. Your Information: The information provided in your application is never shared with or sold to anyone. RFPs that you create and store in your account cannot be viewed or accessed by anyone other than you, the logged-in user or someone to whom you provided your access information. By way of your application, we do reserve the right to use the contact information you provide to send occasional updates and newsworthy notices of which each member will always have the opportunity to opt-out of receiving.
  3. The enclosed content may be protected under copyright laws. As such, members agree not to share their confidential login information or the content and rates contained within this website or any information acquired by way of a live event "brainstorming session" with anyone other than a client or those within their company necessary to the planning process of an upcoming meeting or event.
  4. Pricing:  We make every effort to provide accurate current prices.  Prices can, however, change unexpectedly due to vendor increases or decreases. If and when this occurs, we will make every effort to notify our planner members of unexpected price increases.  
  5. Hawaii Meetings+events reserves the right to cancel anyone's account without notice for any reason at any time.
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