humble market kitchin
by Roy Yamaguchi

The word guest has a special meaning to us at Roy's. It means much more than a customer. A guest is someone who we have committed to take care of, to make comfortable, and to look after

Our food is unique. It's a reflection of the many different cultures here in Hawaii. Roy has combined bold Asian flavors, classic European techniques, and the freshest local ingredients to create what we call, "Hawaii Inspired Euro-Asian Cuisine". Our menu reflects the favorites of our guests, Roy's signature preparations, and the creative flair of our chefs.


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Roy Yamagouchi


Humble Market Kitchin by Roy Yamaguchi


  • Nightly until 10:00 pm; all events must conclude by 11:00 pm.  Groups are urged to consider reservations of 6:00 pm and earlier or 8:00 pm and later (unless buy out option is purchased)

Humble Kitchin Lanai

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Humble Market Kitchin, Dinner Transportation and Staffing
  Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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