Haleakala At Sunrise

Haleakala sunrise bicycle adventure

The Haleakala Sunrise Downhill Bicycle Tour is one of the most popular bicycle tours in the world!  
Haleakala's summit, at 10,023 feet, can boast to some of the most incredible sunrises people have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  Its crater is big enough to hold the island of Manhattan and all of its buildings inside.  And on many mornings, Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in the world, is clearly visible across the channel on the Big Island.

Haleakala Bicycle Ride

Haleakala Morning bicycle adventure

For those individuals who want to experience riding down the slopes of Haleakala on a bike but who don't need to see the sunrise.  

This exclusive journey begins with a panoramic view of Maui from Haleakala's 6,500-foot level, just outside the Haleakala National Park. Then it's 22-delicious miles down Haleakala's slopes to the old cowboy town of Makawao.

This trip does not take in the summit but is still very much a once in a lifetime bicycle and scenic experience. 

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